Useful Things to Know About Using and Caring for a Grill

P.D.Q. Condo Cooker

Before using the cooker:

Put approximately 6 briquettes in each indirect basket, wet the briquettes thoroughly with charcoal lighter fluid, ignite and let the coals burn 15-20 minutes. Close lid and let coals burn out. This will remove any contamination from the inside of the cooker. It will be necessary to perform this operation only one time. Hose cooker down inside and out before use.

Starting the cooker:

Put charcoal in the basket, spray with lighter fluid, shake the charcoal up, spray with lighter fluid. Then immediately put charcoal in which ever baskets you plan to use (direct or indirect) and light. * Chimney starters are a preferred way to start charcoal eliminating the use of lighter fluid and the lighter fluid taste. Pour into baskets once charcoal is ready.

*When cooking with Brown-in Bags:

1. Fill Brown-in bags no more than 3/4 full.
2. Snip a small ventilation hole in top of bag after placing it in the cooker.
3. Protect bags with foil when placing them in a hot cooker, and do not place them in contact with fire boxes.
After each use:
Allow cooker to cool. Remove grill racks and clean in hot soapy water. Scour with steel wool pads. Remove foil from drip pans and rinse pans thoroughly. Scrape charcoal dust into ash pans. Remove ash pans, empty and rinse thoroughly. Spray inside of cooker lid with oven cleaner, being careful not to get cleaner on any other parts of the cooker. Let stand 1-1.5 hours. Hose off the inside of the cooker completely. Dry all parts and reassemble.

P.D.Q. Junior Cooker
P.D.Q. Party Cooker

General Guidelines

  • Line drip pans with heavy gauge aluminum foil before starting the charcoal. This will make clean-up easier.

  • Do not place meat or vegetables in the cooker until coals have burned 15-20 minutes to make sure there is no lighter fluid residue.

  • Use a cooking thermometer because cooking times will vary to the quality of the charcoal in use and external conditions, i.e. temperature.

  • Indirect cooking: fill indirect baskets with charcoal as directed in cooking instructions. Use lighter fluid according to directions. Allow to burn 15-20 minutes before cooking. Add charcoal (45-60 minutes) to maintain original level for extended cooking of large quantities.

  • Direct cooking: place a pyramid of briquettes in the direct basket and follow above directions. After 15-20 minutes, spread coals and put meat rack in place.

  • Unless otherwise instructed, cook with the hood closed and damper open.

*You will probably discover, after following directions the first few times that your real pleasure comes with your own experimental and creative cooking. Our experience has been that 80% of all sales are to private individuals. This is true because of the deep personal satisfaction derived from the unlimited cooking possibilities which lie ahead.